Sandisk to develop 128GB micoSD

SanDisk Corporation, the inventor of flash storage cards, is a vertically integrated manufacturer starting from research, manufacturing and product design to consumer branding and retail distribution.

Imagine the day when the mobile phone in your hand will become a virtual storehouse for videos, pictures, music and data. Days are not far when mobile phones will have expandable storage card with 128 GB (giga bites) capacity that will be able to hold 134 full-length Indian movies, close to 20,000 high resolution photos and 16,000 songs, or the same in any other combinations. SanDisk, one of global leaders in flash storage cards is developing a 128 GB microSD card for mobiles that will be ready by 2011. At present, the highest capacity in a microSD card is 16 GB. Read more over at  Deccan Herald

Thx to friedbrain over at HOFO for the tip

Author: Phat^Trance

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