Symbian: Commodore Amiga emulator for S60v3 and S60v5 phones!



UAE4ALL is a Commodore Amiga 500 emulator, ported by AnotherGuest to S60 (This emulator brings back the good old amiga memories :)). Recommendation is that you run this on a 300 MHz+ S60v3 devices, video wise it's not very well optimized, due to the SDL backend, which is more general than fast. According to the developer this emulator should also work on the Nokia 5800 (haven't tested it tho)

How to install:

* Install the SIS file
* Copy the Kickstart ROM file (kick13.rom, kick20.rom or kick31.rom) to one of the following folders: c:\data\uae4all\kickstarts or \uae4all\kickstarts. The Kickstart ROM file is not included as it is copyrighted, you need to obtain one yourself.
* You can also use a Bluetooth mouse with this emulator. In order to do so, you need to install the BT mouse support package from, also it has a dependency on P.I.P.S 1.2.0 to work properly. P.I.P.S. 1.3.0 will not work.

It is also quite memory hungry. For 64 MB RAM devices you should select 0,5 MB chip memory and only one disk drive. Currently the Chip memory setting is not saved so that has to be fixed.
When emulating use '*' to get back to menu, use '#' to change input method between virtual keybaord, joystick, and mouse emulation.

The emulator supports different input methods: press green key and then 7 for multitap, 8 for cursor mode, 9 to emulate a joystick. Currently only SDL joystick mode is supported when emulating amiga joystick.

Touch devices are not really supported right now, the 5800 XM is too slow, and also touch events are not really mapped to the emulated surface.

There are a couple of extra settings under misc which don't have any effect, those are Use HW scaling, and Control config.

Download S60v5 Version

Download S60v3 Version

[Thx Dusan]

Author: Phat^Trance

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