OVI Store – a complete disaster?


Is the OVI Store a complete disaster? Did Nokia rushed to release the OVI store and ignored to check/test their system before launching the site? What do you think about the new OVI store? Check out these forum discussions and let us know:

Check 'download!' for OVI Store
Ovi Store opens for business

I must agree with most of our forum members,  Nokia / OVI really need to get their stuff together and release some good and free applications. Nokia said that OVI store would have over 20.000 apps/files when launched, well 99.99% of those files are just crappy wallpapers and ringtones! i think ill stick to our download section at the forum for now 😉

Here are 3 posts from our forum members

Arch wrote:

After checking it out further i must say it´s a complete disaster!!!

1. The Site lags as hell. Also with enourmos traffic, thats quite poor!
2. The Navigation sucks!
3. The Apps are either old and known already, or complete nonsense.
4. 20.000 objects? No wonder with a feeled 19.000 Hannah Montana crap!
5. Mostly for free? A hilarious amount of 4 free Games, and also they are shit compared to other free games.
6. The Categories and the explanations of the objects are a bad joke!
All in all a complete disappointment!!!

coolraman08 wrote:

This site has more free apps in the s60v5 forum than the ovi store. Apps which were earlier available for free on the developers website have now become paid apps eg. solo noble, moolan and fifteen.
The few apps which are available are below average.
Upto now.... OVI JUST SUCKS.
disheartened to say that, especially after so much anticipation.... but thats the truth.

offcs wrote:

And Nokia created the OVI store after the iPhone App Store. Did anyone at Nokia take a look at the App Store before they started on OVI? No reviews, screenshots, developer link etc. And the price. They have got to be joking. They should have opened the OVI store on April Fools day, because that's what it feels like.

As to the quality of the Apps, I find it hard to come out with anything printable. A lot of the paid for apps I've already downloaded from here for free. There is certainly no killer app.

Disappointed and underwhelmed. I have more than 12 months left on my contract for my 5800, but as soon as Apple release the new one, I am going to buy a 3G version and use it on my Orange account. Nokia has pushed me over the edge.

Oh, and one last thing...
The registration page doesn't work on Safari on the Mac. Was this intentional!

Author: Phat^Trance

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