Our forum moderator has created these fantastic country flag wallpapers (360x640) for your Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 and Samsung i8901 HD. You can find these wallpapers and MANY more after the break.

Please note that if you are a IE 8 user you need to view this page in compatibility mode

[Thx Hockey]

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37 Responses to “Wallpapers: Country Flags For Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 and Samsung i8910 HD (360×640)”
  1. kosovo is not a country

  2. could u create one for Peru please?

  3. i love how all the flags turn out can please design one for Cambodia thanks

  4. Turkey please :)

  5. HUNGARY, pppllleeeaaassseee :)


  7. Turkey Please…. TURKEY flag pleaseee…

  8. Where’s Turkey? Shame…

  9. turkey flag please.

  10. Wow it’s very nice

    But Kuwait Flag is missing :(

  11. Can you upload Egypt’s flag Plz

  12. Where is Lithuania Flag? :) There was one made..

  13. plz Lebanon!!!

  14. Where’s Turkey guys?

  15. Thanks for the Finland wallpaper!

  16. Where’s Ireland?… would like to see one sooner rather than later.

  17. ARGENTAIN!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  18. Jamaica please.

  19. indonesia pleeeeeease! =)

  20. turkey plsssssssssssssssssss

  21. Could you pls add one for Singapore? pls…… thanks!

  22. request: Lebanon

  23. ?????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????? ????? ??????????????

  24. Scotland Flag Please or Lion Rampant Thanks

  25. Turkish flag needed.Please the turkish flag as nice as the others.Thanx.

  26. Steven Coulter says:

    Please make a Scotland 1. I know their is a UK 1 but not too fond of the UK :P

  27. Could you make the armenian flag, please?
    And, please, all the flags according to the alphabet

  28. turkey plsss

  29. TURKEY

  30. thanks for iran


  32. Macedonia please :) with animation

  33. Thanks for AZERBAIJAN flag

  34. jamaican flag.. thanks

  35. turkey flag needed..

  36. we need turkey flag

  37. Samsung is a company of Korea, But there is no Korean flag.

    We need it

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