put your ears in control 1 Sony Ericsson to release new type of headset on the 21st SeptemberYesterday, I had posted that Sony Ericsson is going to "Change The Way We Listen To Music". Now, via twitter, Eldar Murtazin has leaked that the supposedly ground-breaking new innovation is a headset(Though I was hoping for a Phone)  that automatically starts the music/radio as soon as you wear it. A novel idea though not something that I think will be able to reach mass popularity since am guessing the the headset will not come cheap.

But as any new innovation, we will keep a close eye on this new product and bring as much info on it when its released.

Thanx @eldarmurtazin

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6 Responses to “Sony Ericsson to release new type of headset on the 21st September”
  1. The microsoft Zune has gone part way for a long time, automatically pausing the track when you disconnect the headphones.

  2. @mbrett: this feature is also available on the ipod/iphone too but this one is just a headset, wear it on your head and it starts playing, nothing more simple

  3. If this is true I will laugh my ass off :)

  4. that only changes the way i start my music, not “the way i listen to music”.

  5. Jonathan Bruha says:

    Is that animated character supposed to be us? Is that what SE thinks their consumers look like?

  6. lmao jonathan ….. but inovation in a headset only…i was hoping for more

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