nokia n900 3 MMS now for the Nokia N900The missing ingredient from the N900 has been the lack of MMS for some time.  Now we have an application that brings MMS to the N900.

MKMMS gives you the facility of attaching one file to an MMS developed by Mohammed Sameer.  You can get a copy of the app from here.

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11 Responses to “MMS now for the Nokia N900”
  1. Hi,

    how to install this file?


  2. Thers is already another program that does that . Written by a swedish person .
    For more info

  3. The fmms implementation is a little less tech, and probably better for the N900 since it’s being developed specifically for it in a maemo garage. (So it shows up as an installable package from the Extras-Devel repository.) Awesome that this limitation is going away though. :)

  4. I have downloaded the fMMs app, and it opens up fine when selected from the desktop, but I have the following issues:

    1. When I hit the ‘TO’ button to select a recipient, nothing happends. Looks like I would have to manually enter the full mobile no. of the person I wish to send to.

    2. In the configuration area for this app I believe i need to enter the url of the carriers MMSC. But I do not know what this is. I am on Vodaphone UK.

    Can anyone help me with these points as the use of MMS is the only thing I miss about my older mobiles. In ALL other ways the N900 rocks!! ?

  5. hi ya i just got this n900 phone im lost nw its got hardly anything on it can u step by step tell me how to get picture messagin im in the uk and on o2 but nt sure hw to start

  6. the link does not work….:-( please help!

  7. Hi.i’m planning to get this phone this weekend..i’ve read all the issues related with mms and apparently there’s some app that can solve the question is, does this app can receive all incoming mms as well?

  8. fMMS works in Florida/US with AT&T. Installed it, sent photos to my wife’s Treo and she sent some back to me. It’s not fully integrated yet but works with photos when it’s open. Love all things Linux – the N900 is beautiful! Open architecture in a world of closed source and proprietary restriction. Might just change everything. Long live Maemo/MeeGo! Here’s a HowTo to get it setup and use it: . The project admin is Nick Leppänen Larsson – nice work!

  9. damn good advice and sharing,I will buy one elegant Ipad for me .thanks,Joe

  10. Patrick Hong says:

    Please assist me on how to download the MMS feature onto my Nokia N900

  11. It works, Yippee. follow the maemo tread from ezone dated 10th Jan

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