nokia 5800 xpressmusic 081 Nokia 5800 firmware v40 finally hacked!

Got some great news to our Nokia 5800 readers. The Nokia 5800 latest firmware v40 is now hackable which means that you now can install unsigned application withing signing them. For more info about the hack and how to hack the device, take a look at this forum thread

[Thx Szakalit, PNHT, Adonix]

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17 Responses to “Nokia 5800 firmware v40 finally hacked!”
  1. Hey Phat! I think its proper to mention other members of PNHT or putting PNHT as well as this hack is a team effort by those genius modders ;D

  2. indeed, //added

  3. good job !!! modders

  4. Thanks, great job guys! But helloOX still not work

  5. thnx alot it hink now i can f*ck nokia

  6. it doesent work with helloox
    its done by flashing mate

  7. it is verry complicated, i hope new version of HellOX come soon

  8. Thanks, great job guys! But helloOX still not work

  9. What does the hack do???

  10. @Techenga: You don’t need HelloOX. Firmware is hacked by design. Rompatcher is already installed also, so you can use installserver and open4all like always

  11. hellox version works on my nokia 5800 jus install it to ur phone not on memory card (v31) and upgrade to v40 restart phone and use hellox to hack voilla

  12. hey guys plz help me hacking ma 5800 its v50. cn i hack it with helloox? coz pnht method is goin abve ma head. can sum one describe d method in detail or plz post a video for pnht hacking method for 5800 v50. plz help me ASAP.

  13. olze u guys cn mail me at SHURIKEN.SIN@GMAIL.COM.

  14. thank thank

  15. good job !!! modders

  16. Hi Guys….Could you please give me a link to download the latest version….i want a cooked firmware

  17. Goooooooood

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