Golden Retrevo Award Winner Daily Mobile gets the Golden Retrevo Award 2010

The Daily Mobile and the My Nokia Blog team ( GOOO Jay!)  received the Golden Retrevo Award 2010 today!! Heres a part of the email that i received today:

Congratulations! Daily Mobile won a 2010 Golden Retrevo Award for outstanding achievements in the "Mobile Gadgets" space. As you know, Retrevo is one of the top consumer electronics shopping and review sites in the world, with more than 5 million visitors a month. We share your passion for gadgets and that's why we're recognizing the best and brightest independent gadget blogs with these awards.

You can find a list of the Award winners here

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14 Responses to “Daily Mobile gets the Golden Retrevo Award 2010”
  1. Congrats Bro you and Jay deserved it :D . Kepp Going Till you become a Ninja :P

  2. a well deserved award

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! This is amazing news! After a lot of work, this is, for sure, a deserved award. :)

  4. extremely well done to all @ daily mobile :-) looking at recent stats for this site it just keeps getting bigger and bigger well done! regards nbg

  5. Wow? Daily Mobile always the best

  6. Congratts!! You definitely deserve it ;)

  7. Congratulations Dude.

  8. Congratulations. Well earned. Its nice that your site is being recognised for its good work. Congratulations also to Jay.

  9. Congrats, congrats Mr P^T ^_^

    Super awesome work with Daily Mobile and DailyIphoneBlog! You’re one insanely dedicated blogger dude, kudos to such high achievement.

    It’s so weird having been reading your posts when you just started. I didn’t think there’d be room for another mobile blog (especially since there was already a big one with called justanothermobilephoneblog :p lol, there were so many other startups at the time that aren’t here anymore… )

    I went absent online for a bit and when I came back you were in the centre of everything. You didn’t just make room for yourself, you took out the whole front row and 5 others behind it! And growing at an astonishing rate, month on month!

    Was so great meeting you in Oct, you’re on cool guy, very modest on what you’ve accomplished as a full time blogger.

    Next step > The world.
    After that > Become ninja. :p

  10. passionemobile says:



  12. thank u all for ur support :)

  13. Thank you all for the support :)

    Jay –> yeah there arnt that many sites left from the good old days.

  14. congrats pal…hard work pays off

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