daily mobile forum Announcement: Forum down for maintaining

Just wanted to let you guys know that the forum is down for maintaining. It will be back online in a day or so (i kinda messed up the config files and need to restore one day old backup, so i thought why not update the entire server platform)

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51 Responses to “Announcement: Forum down for maintaining”
  1. steven ashrav.8466 says:

    plz , could u make the forum looks like OVI by PIZERO theme or any nokia theme ?!

  2. What do you mean by platform?
    Are going to use another software like vBulletin?
    Any way wish you all the luck.

  3. ya please make it look better with some vibrant color theme.
    its too dull the content is great no doubt but…

  4. man, i’m bored without forums. anyway. good luck phat, hope we’ll be back in action soon :)

  5. Hey Phat!

    We miss the forums.
    Nothing to read to my morning coffe ;)

    Keep up the good work.

  6. NOOO !!
    I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms :D

  7. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, come on we need the forum back !!!!!!!

  8. about the forum update, we will still use the same forum platform but a newer one, so i need to customize the entire forum from scratch and thats what going to take some time :)

  9. So will the design on the forum be new too?

  10. appleorangefruit says:

    Small doubt.. will the content posted few days back will b there after restore… ??? :)

  11. Can we use these comment posts as a mini-forum until the main one gets back? lol

    I’ve got a question, My Nokia 5800 has the new v40(non-hacked) update but I really need an app which makes me have more shortcuts on the home screen. I’m fed up of just 4!

    Can you recommend anything that does this without slowing the phone down? thxx

  12. Google for Orange homescreen, that’s my choice

  13. Sabin Kumar says:

    THere is i think security hole Phat when i give location to the forum…it redirected me to the forum install page from where i could enter any information…so please make sure it doesnt happens next time. BTW it would be better change a theme so that we can feel and experience the new look of the forum.


  14. Hey trace, you need any help let me know, its what I do :P

  15. Wheeeeeew and here i was worried some forum voodoo was happening LOL. cool i am exicted that you are upgrading, might as well

  16. Thx for the comments guys!

    only 4 hours of data will be lost. i doubt that you guys will see anything “new” with the upgrade since this is just server based. im getting some help with this since my experience with databases isnt that great ;) . Still doesnt have any idea when it will be back tho, but it wont take that long.

    meanwhile go out and spend some time with your familys =D

  17. Hey Trance

    Dont pay for help. If you need help its my profession and I am happy to bring restoration to a forum that I visit daily. Contact me on email adam_downing@live.co.uk man. I can have it back up in 1hr tops.

  18. Yeah, listen to Downin’, he could help you! new at these forums, but I’m happy to be here! It’s a excellent forum! Keep it up! :D

    Also, a minor question… Why is the domain name with a .se? Is the server located in Sweden, or are the creators from sweden? Just something that popped into my head.

  19. @TippZ

    Phat is Swedish :)

  20. the story about the .se is long. to make it short i didnt expect to run the blog for long (maybe 4 months max) so i didnt care that much about the domain and i bought the cheaper .se domain ;)

    installed the new forum and server software, im installing the custom scripts and plugins and tweaking it!

  21. Downin –> thx for the help man, but im getting help from the founders of the SMF forum. the forum was hit by a bug that havent been documented before so no one knows what to do. haha

    seems like smf doesnt like threads with thousands of wallpapers ;)

  22. If Phat is Swedish, I will salute him…

    Hej på dig :D trevlig blog du kör! Lycka till med forumfixet :)

  23. TippZ –> jag tackar o bockar :)

  24. Cmon Phat,plz get forum ol asap..getting really really bored without dm…This site is very useful for all,from a noob to a pro…everyone loves it!!

  25. We’ll wait for that phat. What about some live chatting corner in your forum site? :P

  26. can you make a wap version
    like *dailymobile.com/wap*
    and *forum.dailymobile.com/wap*

    for small screen like mobiles screens?

    and wish you luck

  27. Hey ppl !! that’s enough !! weeeeee want the forum !!

  28. Soon phat.

  29. The forum is back online now (but only admin can access it). the problem is the plugins that we need for the forum doesnt want to run correctly, trying to figure out why. ill keep you guys posten when i got some more info.

  30. Phat hope you get it to run soon today :) :) I really miss it :(

    Bra kört av dej hittills :) :) Lycka till

  31. I got 3 questions i want to ask people
    1.could we replace our original homescreen with handy shell or gdesk or the 5800 menu with vmenu instead of original
    2.could someone now create a better gdesk app which is more responsive
    3.could some one help me with this http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=172311

  32. 1. yes that’s possible
    2. no, no one has ever tried bec. gdesk has become unpopular
    3. that’s qt..experimental demos and optimised open source stuff can be downloaded here..for more information search please in google:)

  33. Skillnessman says:

    Damn, the forum went down just when I needed the Handbrake tutorial =(

  34. @Skillnessman: You could still check out the tutorial using the cached page on Google’s server.

  35. my question 1 i dont tink u understood i mean delete original homescreen and menu and mod to vmenu or gdesk etc could dat happen on custom firmware

  36. C’mon path. Make the forum OL again asap. How long countdown to be normal condition? :d

  37. hi phat! is it gonna be online today sometimes?? cuz its hard to wait anymore!!:-D

  38. Make a mobile version of the forum plzzzzzz
    Everybody cant seat infront of the pc or laptop whole day….
    Plzzzz I am really waiting for something like m.www.dailymobile.net !!!

  39. i really really need the link for 5th CFW!! if anybody can upload it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it!! cuz im not good with flashing….so my friend is here to do it and hes going away tomorrow… so i need it very badly!! LINK PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!:-(

  40. Why do you guys need a mobile version? Opera mini works just fine

  41. as i told you guys before, the forum is up and running, but we have some problems with the necessary plugins to run the forum. got some devs working on it.

    Why do you need a mobile version? the forum is already easy to navigate with a mobile. the forum also have a simple xml (wap) version. been there ther since the beginning.

  42. somebody the link for 5th COOKED FIRMWARE please!!!!!!!:)

  43. 5th cooked firmware of what? There are a dozen CFWs on my laptop. Perhaps if you were a little more intelligent, you would’ve found whatever it is that you’re looking for already.
    And stop shouting. That isn’t going to get you anywhere.

  44. piss of! i didnt ask you for help! so get the f outa my way….and of course ppl know that im talkin about 5800 5th cooked firmware 40….its only in this forum.!! Some one please give a link i really need it….i need it before tomorrow….

  45. i can’t login with my username anymore!! what is going on??!?!!

  46. Google for the fw man. All the cfw are hosted on many websites. Symbianfreak, symbiantalk, persianforums to name a few.

  47. This feels like an unplanned vacation for all moderators (and for many active members…). ;)
    Let’s hope the solution is near!

  48. i wish i could have the vacation that you guys had :) the last 2 days been hell! imaging searching for something that you dont know what it is in 100.000 line of code :)

    i think i found the solution now. doing the test run. Cross your fingers ;)

  49. you will do it;)

  50. how is the progress?! do you think it is available for us today..?

  51. Great news guys, i found whats causing the plugins to crash. upgrading the forum now, then im gonna install the plugins and test run it! so the forum will be back online soon

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