Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 Flash Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3   Flash Demo

In this video, the guys at PocketNow.com takes a look at the new flash implementation of Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3. To download Opera Mobile directly, simply visit m.opera.com/mobile using your phone’s default Web browser.

[Thx Daniel]

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8 Responses to “Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 – Flash Demo”
  1. Looks like it does not work in S60 5th, no options in settings to turn the flash on, ohh well back to Sky Fire, unless someone else has spotted how to do it

  2. confirm. Not work on s60v5 and v3.

  3. daveyp187 says:

    this is for iphone right?

  4. its a flash plugin, maybe someone who owns a HTC (windows mobile os i think ) would find the plugin and test it on a s60v5

  5. Hi all,

    Could Phat^Trance jump on this thread, the blog basically implies that this is working on all platforms except iphones in that it does not mention a specific platform.

    I have downloaded Mobile 10 Beta 3 however while it runs on S60th it does not have Flash support.

    Please Phat^Trance, can you clear this up.

    P.S @daveyp187 LMAO, I hope you are joking, “this is for iPhone right” classic

  6. Amoomymus says:

    Lolz, this is only for WM phones right?

    btw, No iPhone does not support Opera Mobile/Opera Mini

  7. My bad, forgot to mention that the demo is on a Windows Mobile device!

  8. yicaslver says:

    how to dl

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