wayfinder Vodafone: Wayfinder is no moreIn December 2008, Vodafone bought the Swedish navigation company Wayfinder,  for SEK 240 million. Since then, both Nokia and Google launched their free  navigation services for mobile phones, which prompted Vodafone to give up hope of recovering their investment.

- We could not charge for something that others gave away for free, "says Anna Cloke, spokesperson for Vodafone UK

90 people will lose their jobs, including 55 in Malmö, Sweden. The other operations are in London and Romania. The staff were informed yesterday.

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7 Responses to “Vodafone: Wayfinder is no more”
  1. Who will be next? I can see those that reply on smartphones falling by the wayside for their paid products but still see a market for the standalone devices such as TomTom and Garmin but yes, they too will be losing to Nokia and Google

  2. Garmin and TomTom will be next, just look at their shares drop ;)

  3. Which SE is in that pic?

  4. Aah Cheers, but sorry I meant the middle. Didn’t notice there was another on the left :P

  5. surprise surprise
    tipical of vodafone, treat existent customers like idiots and if they cant extract more money from them lets not gone provide customers with stuff like this app, even if it might be better.then the competitr, i’m glad i left vodafone. what a rip off they are.

  6. by the nokia maps for the n900 (version 1) are shiite even if they are free.

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