earth preview Earth Theme by Pizero is one of the best Symbian Themes available today

Earth Theme, a free theme by Pizero that is available now exclusively at Ovi Store.

  • Mixed mode Theme
  • Lite version only, with default icons.
  • Fits both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Compatible with Symbian Os 3rd edition, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, and Symbian 5th edition, 9.4.
  • 100% compatible with Nokia  N97.
  • Available Exclusively on Ovi Store for FREE.

Download the theme from here

Earth by Pizero is currently the most downloaded free theme in the Ovi Store, having the first place in the "Best Free" chart of the Personalization section.

[Thx Daniel and B^B]

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8 Responses to “Earth Theme by Pizero is one of the best Symbian Themes available today”
  1. I’ve been using this theme for a week now, sweet, wish there was a way to get the installer since it is only available on ovi

  2. @worm used to upload them, thats how I got this originally a few weeks back but looks to be Ovi only now. Beautiful theme but made my 5800 quite lagged, no issues since uninstalling.

  3. if it’s free , why the hell would I have to download it from OVI store exclusively???? I can’t even log into that piece of crap!

  4. yeah for me too. i dont want it to load from ovi. so i have to search it and if i find it i have to upload it on rapidshare or similiar filehoster. i’ll post it here! hf! nice theme. great wall! great colors!

  5. Relax guys…
    This theme is a piece of sh!t and I´ll tell you why.

    It is made for old 5800. I mean, 5800 phones without v40 firmware. It means that when you are playing a song and you are in the homescreen, the mini player hasn´t trasparency. Solid colours on mini player and lower Phone and Contacts icon (contacts bar, homescreen theme)
    The contacts bar has not transparencies, either.

    Also, the theme is very simple, just a dark wallpaper everywhere, and white selection.

  6. ??

  7. the theme’s great its not boring.. makes you want to use your fone more often.. hehe ^^

  8. juan martin says:

    exelente tema!!

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