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Motorola Milestone 2

The Motorola Milestone was something of a hit back in 2009 despite the fact that it never gained an official network launch over here in the UK. Now the Motorola Milestone 2 is on the horizon, updating what was a well received handset with new software and a couple of hardware tweaks to keep things relevant.

The Milestone 2 features a 3.7 inch touchscreen display on the front and a five megapixel camera on the rear, now with HD video capture at 720p available. Inside a 1GHz processor is the biggest improvement over last year's model, giving the handset plenty of grunt and making sure that it is on a par with the like of the HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S. 8GB of onboard storage is available so there should be no need to shell out for a separate microSD memory card and Motorola has worked to make the Milestone 2 a little more rugged and durable than its predecessor.

Like the original the Milestone 2 has a full QWERTY keypad housed beneath the sliding top half. There was some criticism of the way this was set up in the past, but Motorola went back to the drawing board and has produced a layout that is very easy to use. People who want to type long emails and search the web will definitely like the physical nature of the keypad and if you have never got used to use touchscreen interfaces for typing then you have this alternative to hand.

Connectivity comes in the form of Wi-Fi supporting the latest Wireless N standard along with 3G and all the trimmings. The Motorola Milestone 2 packs all of these components into a relatively slim design but the inclusion of a hardware keypad definitely adds to the weight, which may be a good or bad thing depending on how long your average calling time is. One minor concern is the fact that despite the improved hardware the battery capacity remains unchanged, so there could be a slight dip in the amount of time you will have between recharging sessions depending on your usage.

Version 2.2 of Android is onboard the Milestone 2, bringing with its turn-by-turn navigation within Google Maps along with support for Flash 10.1 in the web browser. T-Mobile and O2 will be offering the Milestone 2 in the UK, which should suggest that it will not be hampered by a lack of mainstream support. Other mobile phone deals are available for the Milestone 2 so it is worth a look around for the best price if you think this phone is what you are after.

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