iBoobs finally available for Android


Are you also tired of all these bad ripoffs of iBoobs? All these unrealistic image based wobbling apps that tried to copy the real iBoobs? Then prepare yourself because iBoobs is back! The noble peace prize winning application made its way from the MysticGD labs to Android OS. Enjoy the next generation boob bouncing technology on your Android phone and show the app they were waiting for ages your iPhone loving friends with a smile on your face, make them jealous and remind them that iBoobs won't make it to their phone. Life is better with a smile on your face ... and some iBoobs in yours hands!

  • Guaranteed laughter when showing your friends
  • Touch screen support
  • Interactive shake control through phone movement
  • Achievements
  • Stats tracking
  • Tweakable settings (change their weight, gravity, etc)

Name: iBoob| Download from: Market | Price: 2$ for full version and free for the lite version

Author: Phat^Trance

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