Xperia PLAY Game Blog Launched by Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has had a busy year launching over 200 game titles including the popular Need for Speed,Battlefield Bad Company and FIFA 12. In celebration of all the thing you love about Xperia PLAY, comes the new Games blog. The blog will keep you up to date with new games, features, information and more. So start your Christmas early by heading over to the new blog to capture the Xperia PLAY.

New title games out this week include:

Grand Theft Auto

  • You may have seen already that Rockstar’s legendary Grand Theft Auto 3 is out now. It is also optimised for Xperia™ PLAY
  • Android Market:

Tank Riders  

  • Tank Riders is a top-down, 3D tank battle game that combines colorful graphics, with non-stop action and exploration.
  • Android Market Link:
  • Sprinkle is a water-physics based puzzler - man your water cannon and use it to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and activate traps!
  • Android Market Link:


Author: MASMedia

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