S60V5 Custom Firmware – Blaze Ultimate (v.2.1)

S60V5 CFW Blaze 500x304 S60V5 Custom Firmware   Blaze Ultimate (v.2.1)

While the world moves on to the new OS's like Symbian Belle, Android ICS or WP7, there is a strong community still using S60V5 phones and making a truly awesome modding work to get the maximum of the capabilities of these devices. The Blaze team has just released a new version of their CFW, the Blaze Ultimate (v.2.1) and you will be amazed by what they have just made!

Watch the video to preview this CFW:

To get this CFW, as well all the instructions to put it on your phone, head to our S60v5 Custom Firmware / Cooking - Files and Releases section. Remember that if you do decide to flash your phone with this CFW, you will do it at your own risk.

A little aside, you gotta love the soundtrack of the video...  How more appropriate can it be? Still looking going great just before it finally sunk.  icon wink S60V5 Custom Firmware   Blaze Ultimate (v.2.1)

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