Nokia Lumia 710 Contest

Nokia has just launched a new contest on their main Facebook page where you can win a brand new Nokia Lumia 710.

The contest is open to everyone and it's not restricted by country so this might be your chance to win a Nokia WP7 phone!

Here's some details of the contest:

* The Contest begins on 30/01/2012 at 16:00 p.m. GMT and ends on 13/02/2012 at 16:00 p.m GMT;

* You will have to submit your name, email address and phone number;

* You are able to choose the color of the phone you want to win but the colour scheme of the phone cannot be guaranteed;

* The winner/winners of the Contest will be determined by chance. 5 winners will be picked at random as the recipients of a Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone.

To enter the contest, you just have to head out to Nokia Facebook Contest Page.

Something we noticed in the rules is that the winner is determined by chance.  However, you are able to increase your chances by inviting your friends to the contest.  They don't tell you this until after you've already entered, so keep that in mind.

Author: Jonas

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