Sky Go Coming to Android Late February

Sky has announced that 'Sky Go', the critically acclaimed app available for iPhone, iPod and iPad is coming to Android devices late February. It's a late Christmas present for Android smartphone users who have waited patiently for over a year since the original debuted on the App Store.

Head of Sky Go Holly Knill said “We know how much Android users have been looking forward to the launch of Sky Go on Android smartphones, and we've done everything we can to make sure that our bespoke design is worth waiting for".

It's not all good news as the app will only be available to a small number of devices. The Samsung Galaxy S and SII are included along with HTC's Incredible S, Sensation and Desire range. There was no official word on whether they intend to support other devices but freelance hackers are already licking their lips at the thought of disassembling the app to help extend functionality to other devices.

Sky released several announcements in 2011 stating the Android Sky Go app was almost complete. Despite claiming the app would be released over the Christmas period, it never made it to the Android Market. In December 2011, a representative of Sky claimed the delay was caused by 'fragmentation of the Android OS' and the numerous device configurations.

Author: Joe Skerratt

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