zzzz trans  Symbian/MeeGo App Review Combo Pack: Bedside and SleepmakerThere are times in life when you just need some sleep it doesn't matter where you are, but sometimes the place is not conducive  to sleep enter what I like to call the "sleep combo pack". 

The first app is called Bedside it is free and can be used on either your Symbian or Meego powered phone.  Simply put it transforms your phone into a digital clock, you can choose from various colors for the display and there is even a dimmer.

The second app is called Sleep Maker it cost $0.99 cents and it also can be used on either your Symbian or Meego powered phone.  This app is simply a sound machine, it has a nice array of sound choices and timer.  If you are running this app on a phone with less than 1ghz processor it is a little laggy but once it's up and running it works just fine.

Here is a "combo pack" hands on that covers both of these apps.


You can download Bedside here and Sleep Maker here.



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