Rumourmill: I-Pad Mini, anyone?


Are the guys over Apple threatened by Amazon's Fire?  If the internet grapevine is true, the mighty fruit may be bent on drowning Amazon's kindle by coming up with the 7" version of their ground-breaking tablet.

Amazon's unassuming little Android tablet had been slowly, but steadily gaining popularity ever since it was announced September and ultimately released November last year.  It's price point, less than half of Apple's iPad, shocked and excited the buying public at the same time.  With six million units sold last quarter, they proved that the "little" android hit all the right notes.

If the rumor proves true, Apple is expected to roll out their iPad footsoldiers soon after launching the iPad3.


Author: Michael Cadiz

Corporate veteran by day, full-time partyphile at night. A true-blue internet bibliophile who spends his day surfing and reading anything and everything about gadgets, TV Shows, and movie reviews. If he's not on the internet, check him out at the local arcade playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Follow him on twitter: @ImNotUrAngel23

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