Is Microsoft Solving a Big Touch Problem and Don’t Even Know It?


Right now Microsoft is working on something they like to call "PocketTouch" which really means your phone will be able to sense your touch through fabric. Microsoft seems to think that the best application of this technology would be to be able to text someone or do various other functions while your phone is still in your pocket.   While I see limited uses for this application while your phone is still in your pocket, (perhaps just to silence an incoming call or two)  there is a more practical purpose anywhere where it is cold.

Using your phone with gloves on!! There are many times I am walking down the street, to my car, etc... here in the North East this is a real issue 5 out of the 12 months of the year.

That's where I would go with this research..If you want to see where Microsoft thinks it should go check out the video below.

BTW rubbing your pocket furiously during an important meeting with your boss will not look weird at all right?



Author: Kevin Everett

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