iPhone 4S losing steam, pushes iPhone 5 ahead of schedule

Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market posting a phenomenal last quarter sales figure of 35.5 million units sold to end-users.  A staggering market share of 23.8 percent in the fourth quarter cemented its status as the world's top smartphone vendor and the top smartphone vendor for 2011 as a whole, with a 19 percent market share.

Market research firm, Gartner Inc.,however expects Apple's market share to decline for a couple of quarters as holiday demands are sated and iPhone 4S' availability widens.

Apple's latest offering of a more advanced camera, an A5 dual-core chip processor and the ground-breaking digital assistant Siri may be enough to entice iPhone 4 users to upgrade and Android and Blackberry users to convert, it may not be sufficient to ensure a long-lasting success as the iPhone 4.  It's "smallish" screen (3.5" as against 4" from its Android competitor), lack of 4G-LTE support, short battery life plus it looks no different than its predecessor factors greatly against iPhone 4S novelty.

This may ultimately lead to Apple pushing through with their original plans of releasing iPhone 5 ahead of schedule (June or earlier) instead of waiting for October, exactly a year after iPhone 4S was released.


Author: Michael Cadiz

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