Nokia Lumia 800 with a flickering problem?

This issue has been tested on at least 5 different Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones and I found  a similar flickering problem in all of them. Whenever I hold my finger on a list and stop any scrolling motion, everything keeps shaking.  This happens on menu lists but, for example, not in the browser. However, if I do use two fingers on the browser, when making a pinch-to-zoom, the same effect happens again. I have tested also a couple of Lumia 710 and this doesn't happen, so I'm lead to conclude that the problem might be related with the phone itself and not with the WP7 OS.  I made a quick video, where I think you can see the problem I'm talking about.   You can watch after the break.

So, is this really a problem?  Has everyone else noticed this too? Leave your comments on our forum.

Author: Jonas

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