PureView Technology to arrive to WP7 soon?

The press and the world of mobile fans got really impressed when Nokia shown the PureView technology with the world biggest sensor to date on a mobile phone. But it wasn't only the 41 Megapixel camera sensor that caught the world by surprise, it was also that Nokia launched it on a Symbian phone.

Even after Nokia set the end of support for Symbian OS on 2016, they still seem to be betting in this platform, which is great for the still huge community of fans, but left guessing the ones that follow WP7 OS. Well, Damian Dinning already had left in the air that PureView would be extended to other devices when he told that Nokia wouldn't use 5 years of research in a technology to use it in only one device. Now Jo Harlow, Nokia's Senior Vice President, has confirmed that Pureview is indeed coming to Windows Phone and, in her words, it will not take very long. Will we have a new Top-End phone by Nokia at the launch of Apollo update? That would mean a 41 Mpixel camera phone featuring WP7 OS before the end of the year.


Author: Jonas

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