Rovio on a promotion spree for Angry Birds Space!

We have already seen many teasers of the forthcoming mega-release from Rovio, Angry Birds Space

But Rovio does not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to promotion of their big launch on March 22. It is quite evident from their latest video that goes by the name 'NASA announcement' on youtube. The trailer, interestingly, features a space astronaut, currently in his space station and floating in zero gravity. He explains the trajectory of the bird (represented by his angry bird plush toy) in space when released from a stretched catapult. Following the wonderful demonstration the highlights of different and very fresh, new levels of angry birds space are also shown that instantly prods the child within you to get your hands on the game and play right this second.

Enough words, time for some video:

Boy, I am all buckled up and ready to download this app the moment it launches and take down all the pigs, once again. Are you?


Author: Udit Hotchandani

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