Nokia Lumia 900 is Selling Well (Where you can buy it)

In what seems to be great news for Nokia and Windows Phone the Nokia Lumia 900 is selling like hotcakes on now the Black version of the Lumia 900 is the number one seller with the Cyan version at the number three spot.

It didn't sell too well at the AT&T stores on it's launch date however that was no fault of it's own, with AT&T stores closed on Easter Sunday that made it a little be harder to walk in and buy one.

I could not find any solid numbers on how many sold in pre-orders. Everything I heard indicates that the pre-order numbers were quite good.  Of course without solid numbers it is just that, hear say and nothing more.

While this is good news for Nokia Indeed the real test will be a month from now to see if either one of these Lumias are still in the top ten.  I expected the 900 to sell well during the first few weeks with the huge launch Nokia has given it.  But will take sustained sales here in the US to make Nokia relevant player in the smartphone market again.



Author: Kevin Everett

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