Lumia 900 facing stern sales test versus the big boys

In their quest for more market shares in North America, Nokia and Microsoft are quite optimistic, but not without obstacles. Both Tech Giants face a somewhat immense distance to gain the hearts of undecided North American smartphone users. Still, One must admit that the duo has not been shy of efforts; investing plenty of resources in advertising and revamping the face of their handsets and software, but is there an indirect set of obstacles that they failed to consider, which may ultimately doom their chances of catching up in North America? The easy answer would be “no”, but when taking a deeper look at their flagship device, The Lumia 900, will the device’s stunning look and user-friendly interface be enough for customers? Well, according to a test conducted by CNET staff members at 5 AT&T stores in NYC, employees are still more likely to recommend the more-established Iphone, and Android phones at the expense of the new Lumia 900. This is undeniably a thorn in Nokia’s side because unless AT&T employees, whom serve as primary guides to customers, actively partake in the advertising effort, the chances of gaining more North American markets remain very slim.


Author: David Glazai

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