Microsoft and RIM: a likely partnership?

While things continue to look bleak for Canadian mobile phone manufacturer, Reaearch in Motion (RIM), another wave of rumour resurfaces regarding Silicon Valley giant, Microsoft's possibly dipping into RIM's business.

It has been reported several times over the past months that Microsoft has set its eyes on the troubled Blackberry maker. Recent claims say that the software giant is just about ready to make a $3.5 billion investment to RIM.

RIM, despite its troubled finances still has a lot to offer to anyone brave enough to take the plunge starting with numerous patents and of course its highly-valued enterprise market.

Microsoft joins several high-profile companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Samsung and Nokia, all rumored to be looking at making potential investments to the waterloo-based mobile manufacturer.


Author: Michael Cadiz

Corporate veteran by day, full-time partyphile at night. A true-blue internet bibliophile who spends his day surfing and reading anything and everything about gadgets, TV Shows, and movie reviews. If he's not on the internet, check him out at the local arcade playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Follow him on twitter: @ImNotUrAngel23

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