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DailyMobile Moderator vegetaleb has recently purchased an HTC One X, here is his personal review.

Ok ladies and gentlemen I finally bought an HTC One X 3 days ago, I am posting this review which I hope will be different from what you have already seen, I will focus on practical side of the phone and comparing it with my previous phones.
Photos taken with a Nikon D90


The One X comes in 2 colors, White or ''Gun Grey'', I chose the grey one after some reports of people who have both colors, they claim that after a while the matte coating on the back will wear off and it will be either shiny white or shiny grey, dunno if they are right but I took the grey to be on the safe side (shiny white is cheap). The borders have not the matt coating out of the box.  You will notice that in some photos it looks dark grey and on other just grey, it depends if you are outside or inside your home! Here are some photos:

Feeling in hand:

With 4.7'' screen we can't say this smartphone is not big, it's large, larger than Sensation and SGS2 but the good side is that it's slim.
It won't be very ergonomic for a girl's hand but for guys with normal to big hands you can still use just one hand for calling and some other stuff.
The feeling of polycarbonate materials are excellent, it will stick in your hand but with a smooth texture.

The screen:

HTC has finally upgraded their technology to SLCD2 after using the ''old'' SLCD on Desire,DHD,Sensation...

The SLCD had poor viewing angles and just average sunlight visibility, the SE Arc and SGS2 were better.
The SLCD2 of the One X with its 720p HD resolution (wallpapers at 1440x1280) is...an awesome incredible fantastic screen!

Viewing angles are perfect,sunlight visibility is at last above average, the picture quality is astonishing very detailed and crisp, it's like if the pictures were paint on the screen.

Compared to SGS2 the pixel density and the colors are better while keeping the same viewing angles,though the blacks are just a little better on SGS2.

The only complaint I have is that I got the yellowish screen, FW 1.29 corrected it a bit but I have on rare wallpapers some yellows and orange turning toward green.

The Camera:

Ok we are still on 8mp while Sony is using 12mp on its Xperia S, though this time HTC upgraded the lens to match f:2.0 and wide angle of 28mm and added a chipset just for the camera.
The result is very different than on the 8mp of the Sensation!
Photos are without doubt the fastest taken on a phone (from what I know)
The details and colors are WAY better than on Sensation, night shots thanks to the new aperture need less flash.
Recorded videos in HD and full HD are excellent, here again much better than on Sensation,a guy at work said that recorded videos are so ''alive'' and clean that it gives the feeling that it's a window.
dunno if it's the videos or the screen that gave this impression
Back on Sensation the stock camera app used to badly record sounds,the result was muffled speech. On One X the quality of sound recorded is loud and clear.
Camera stock app is very easy to use and features tons of special effects.

Here are some samples taken without any edit:

Taken in full darkness with flash:

The Speaker and Audio:

Another complaint we had on previous HTC was the loudspeaker being too quiet, hearing the phone ringing in a busy street or mall was difficult.

On the One X the loudspeaker (with beats logo) is certainly louder,it has good bass (sometimes too much) and we can hear the phone ring in nearly all situation, it's as loud as SGS2 but I still prefer the Xperia S loudspeaker which you can hear even in a gym class (they put loud music there).

Using third party apps to boost the volume is good but you will hear weird clicking sounds after for example the weather animations.

No beats earphones given so I used my own Hifiman RE-272, beats equaliser are too bassy, I recommend an app with a real equalizer.

Here you can see it close to my Cowon J3


The One X is a huge step forward for any previous HTC device in all the fields, it's a very fast phone (phonebook scrolling for example is extremely fast).
It has everything to be a winner, quad core, superb SLCD2 screen,32 GB internal memory...

The upcoming SGS3 has a removable battery as well as micro-sd slot, the One X has a more prestigious look and Sense 4.0 is the most practical UI on Android.
All I can say is that if you buy the One X you will certainly not be deceived by this monster of technology.

All the flaws of previous HTC have been corrected.

About the reported flickering issue, it looks like it was the UK first batch's that were bad, newly bought One X in Europe including UK are now good, HTC claimed it will be corrected via OTA 

Thanks vegetaleb for the review, for discussion visit our Android Phones forum.

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