How To Cook With Your Mobile Phone

Life can be busy and we can't always be at home. We have been accustomed to using remote access software to remote access our PC's. Now electronics firm AGA with some help from UK carrier Everything Everywhere have taken the idea of remote access and put it in our kitchens.

The AGA iTotal Control Cooker is a high tech cooker oven that can be controlled remotely by a mobile phone via SMS. Everything Everywhere has been chosen for its M2M Management Platform and Orange UK SIM cards for the new AGA iTotal Control oven. The oven offers remote control via an Android or Apple iOS application, a web browser or text message.

How it works:

The AGA iTotal Control is a further development of the AGA Total Control cooker, allowing remote controllability of the AGA Total Control cooker. The AGA Total Control cooker was the first electric AGA that could be switched on and off as the user required.

The AGA iTotal Control cooker works in just the same way but with the added feature of remote controllability.

There are a number of ways in which the AGA iTotal Control can be activated remotely.

   Directly via text message from a mobile phone
   Dedicated website via a smart phone, laptop, tablet or personal computer
   Dedicated smart phone apps for iPhone and Android

1. Directly via text message

A simple text message can be sent to operate the AGA iTotal Control ovens. To make it easy we've included a couple of options, either of which will work for the individual 'oven on' commands.

A message will be received by the user at the bottom of the screen to confirm that the command has either been successful or unsuccessful. The original message sent (e.g. 'Roast Oven On') will be replied, along with the word 'activated' or 'failed'.

2. Dedicated website

The remote access of the AGA iTotal Control can also be used via a dedicated website, which can be accessed by smart phone, laptop, tablet or personal computer. The simple to use website shows a touch panel graphic when accessing the dedicated website.

The website can be accessed via the URL where you will be asked to register your cooker before being able to communicate with it.

Again, there are five commands that can be executed via the website control panel: 'All Ovens On' 'All Zones Off' 'Roasting Oven On' 'Baking Oven On' 'Simmering Oven On'

3. Smart Phone Apps

A smart phone app has been developed for both iPhone and Android Smart phones. The app can be downloaded in the same way as other apps - through visiting the Apple App store for iPhones/iPads or the Andriod Marketplace (Google play) for devices using the Android platform. The app looks similar to the dedicated website and will show the same text commands when the given symbol is pressed on the smart phone screen. The app for both Apple devices and android phones are free to download.

GSM remote access device and the SIM contract

The AGA iTotal Control remote access hardware requires a standard mobile phone SIM card to receive the commands being sent to the cooker. A small box, similar to a broadband router is connected to the cooker via a cable which is supplied. This device receives the remote messages from the phone app, direct texts or website and transmits them to the AGA.

It's not cheap and goes on sale in the UK from 1st June, it will cost £10,090 plus £5.95 per month for the machine-to-machine connection.


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