32GB Nokia Lumia 900 Coming

A little while back I got a "hot tip" from a from a "Nokia insider" that there was a Nokia Lumia 900 coming with more than 16GB of storage and was told to keep quiet about it.

Than the Lumia 900 got released here in the states and there was no mention of any other size besides the 16gb size and I assumed perhaps that my source was misinformed. Since than I forgot about this conversion completely until now.

It seems that the above screenshot is from O2 Germany would confirm my sources information it clearly states that the memory in this white Nokia Lumia 900 is 32GB! There is also the flier below from O2 showing the Lumia 900 with 32GB. (I edited/shortened the flier so it is easier to read I assure you it is real original picture here.)

In further proof of the authenticity of the 32GB Lumia WM PowerUser called O2 customer service and "they confirmed the specs." This is big news indeed for Windows Phone users! There is no word yet if this special Lumia 900 is coming to any other countries.


Author: Kevin Everett

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