What’s the Most Important Feature of a Smartphone?

With all of the new smartphones coming out screaming quad core this, and 5 inch plus screen that. What really counts to you?

Here is my list of things that count to me in a phone. I am sure yours will be different and you can feel free to sound off in the comments and tell me that I am wrong. (In fact I look forward to it and encourage you to voice your opinion.)

1) Operating System - Let's face it folks you can have the biggest screen with the clearest display, the fastest processor, on the lightest thinnest phone ever but if you can't stand the Operating System on the phone it will mean nothing.

2) Battery Life - I know lots of people that have the great phones... Android phones packed with all types of great features, HUGE screens, ultra thin design, etc... However they can not use their phones an entire day without them going dead on them.  A phone is not worth anything if you can't use it.

3) Durability - By looking around I think I am alone in this one. I see a lot of people walking around with sexy, cutting edge designed phones, but you can not see them because they have giant Otterbox cases covering them.  Why not just produce durable phones to start with? The greatest phone in world is no good if it's broken because I dropped it getting it out of my pocket.

4) Screen Size - While screen size is a personal preference it means a lot in the overall user experience. If the screen is too small it may seem unusable, same thing if screen is too large for a user, it will be uncomfortable to use and therefore will be unusable.

5) Processor Speed/RAM - I am not saying that all phones need 2.0Ghz Snapdragon Quad Core processors with an obscene amount of RAM. I am talking about having enough processing speed to keep your phone running smoothly and your user experience great.

6) Camera - It's to the point right now where you expect your phone to be your all in one gadget. I personally don't want to have to worry about dragging a separate camera to special events, nor do I want to miss great photo opportunities simply because they happened indoors (low light) and my camera phone is awful.

7) Design - When you buy a phone you buy it you to use but you still want to show it off to your friends right? You still want them to ohh and ahh when they see it. Let's face it somehow your choice of smartphone reflects your personality or at the very least makes a statement about you, so why not make the statement a stylish one.

8 ) Apps - I know this seems low on the list of things that are important but I have found out that no matter how few apps an operating system has there always seems to be a stable of basic apps there that you NEED. While it's true that some OS have half a million apps and other haven't even hit the 100,000 mark the basics are on both.

9) Navigation - Lost? You can ask a stranger to figure out where you are or call a friend and hope they know where you are and they can talk you out of it. Or you can simply fire up the GPS on your phone and let your phone guide you home. While you don't use this feature very often when you do it's VERY important. (FYI I prefer offline maps)

10) Thinness of Phone - While manufacturers seem to love this stat it means very little in the real world. (This seems to be a "My dad can beat up your dad type of argument) Can you really feel a few millimeter difference in thickness?  This trend seems to lead to phones with poor battery life that break very easily.

Did I miss something that is important to you? Is my list way out order? Let me know in comments where YOU would place these things in your list. I am curious to see what others look for when making a smartphone purchase.

Author: Kevin Everett

Follower of all things Mobile tech. News, views, and reviews on everything mobile. Writer at Daily Mobile, Mobile Phone Geek to the Core, Father, Husband, Christian

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