Peacock Silicone iPhone 4 / 4S Case

Having an iPhone is one of those luxury devices that you want to make last and to protect it, the best way that is possible. But as with anything, you do not want to slip your phone into any old case.

Case-Mate will resolve this problem for you with the multitude of cases available for your use. The designs offer many combinations, colours and textures. Today we will take a look at the Peacock Case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The Peacock case comes alive with its bright Tail display with an eye-catching design full of beautiful colours. The Peacock case is made of silicone though it has the feel of rubber and provides a firm grip to your iPhone. The case is textured on the outside and provides a tactile feel to the case, enhancing the character and providing a 3D image of the character. Each character comes with an additional charm attached to the case, in this instance, a peacock tail.

The Peacock case provides a snug home for your iPhone with open access to all the ports including the camera, headphones, dock and mute key. The only covered buttons are the volume buttons and the on/off buttons which are provided with extra security by being enclosed without removing access to their use. The Peacock case helps to protect your iPhone from the bumps and bruises of life.

The Peacock case by Case-Mate is available for £19.99 from case-mate at the time of writing.

Author: MASMedia

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