Windows Phone 8 Devices Already in Australia?

According to a report from WP Down Under there are three manufacturers using Australia as a testing ground for their soon to be released Windows Phone 8 (aka Apollo) devices.

HTC, Samsung, and Nokia are the companies rumored to be running Windows Phone 8 devices in the wild already. While there is no word on what the Samsung, or the HTC units look like there are report of what the Nokia devices look like.

The Nokia devices are rumored to look like the current Lumia devices. They are rumored to use the same unique polycarbonate body design. This leads to some to guess that they are just using current devices with Windows Phone 8 on them. My guess is that they are similar devices with beefed up internal specs.

If these rumors are true it is good and bad news for the Windows Phone community. It's good news because Windows Phone 8 is right on track to be released this year. But bad because this means that Nokia has not figured out how to incorporate Pure View into their Windows Phone devices yet.

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Author: Kevin Everett

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