What Apps Won’t Work With the 256 MB of RAM Windows Phone

We all know that when you save a couple bucks on phone there will be a trade off in features. Windows Phone is no different the "more affordable" 256 MB of RAM Windows Phones will not run certain apps.

As far as I can tell there are only 1397 apps out of over 80,000 that will not run on these phones. It's not that these apps couldn't run of they were reworked these apps would run. Mind you the iPhone 3G only has 128 MB of RAM and look at all the apps than run on it. Perhaps if these devices really take off developers will start to retool their apps to work with them.

Here are some of the more popular apps that will not work at this time

Angry Birds, Assassin's Creed, Bejeweled LIVE, COLLAPSE, Deer Hunter 3D,  Doodle God, Fable: Coin Golf, Fragger, Glyder: Adventure Worlds, Halo Waypoint,Hydro Thunder GO, Lets Golf 2, MONOPOLY, NFS: Hot Pursuit, PES 2012, Plants vs. Zombies, Rocket Riot, Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Spider Jack, Skype and The Sims 3.

For a complete list of apps that are incompatible for now  click here.

One would think that Microsoft would have some type of work around for this issue like a page file RAM system. I have expanded my page file RAM on my personal computer when I needed more RAM and it works like a champ. There needs to be a work around here or the little bit of steam that Windows Phone has built up right now could disappear by a small group of unhappy users.


Author: Kevin Everett

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