HSPL tools and first custom ROMs released for HTC Radar and Titan

Good news for HTC Radar and HTC Titan owners. After months of hard work The Dark Forces Team earlier today has released its Hard Secondary Program Loader (HSPL) tool for second-generation HTC Windows Phones (sorry HTC Titan 2 owners).

HSPL tools are needed to unlock the bootloader allowing loading of custom ROMs onto the device. The Dark Forces Team also provided two new versions of their popular Freedom ROM for both devices. The roms are based on Windows Phone build 8773 (Tango) and include the following features:

  • Replace HTC Apps software, add Registry editor, file explorers, etc...
  • Few tweaks, DFT FullUnlock support XAP IE download and install, full play Xbox Live games
  • ISharing, Static MAC Address
  • Keep HTC 2nd boot screen
  • WWE as the default setting, Eastern Standard Time is the default time zone

For more info and download visit the following links (xda developer's forum):

HSPL for HTC WP7 Second Generation, DFT Freedom ROM V1 Omega (Radar) 24 Langs Pearl Edition, DFT Freedom ROM V1 Eternity (Titan) 24 Langs Pearl Edition

"ROM chefs" let the cooking begin!


Author: Pece Andonoski


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