Nokia’s Something Amazing is Just a Store Remodel?

Around the middle of this July news came out that the Nokia Flagship store in Helsinki shutdown... this made everyone think the worst. Than the sign above clearly explained that it was temporary and the "something amazing is coming" on September 7 2012...

This got everyone all excited (me too) that perhaps a Nokia would start selling Windows Phone 8 devices with Pure View on that day, or perhaps even that Nokia would start selling tablets again. You see September 7 is the day after Nokia World (Sept. 5, 6) and that would just make sense.

Well according to All Things D the dates are just a big old coincidence and it is just a store remodel. They reached out to Nokia and were told by  Nokia spokesman Keith Nowak:

"That store is undergoing some scheduled summer maintenance/renovation and will reopen on September 7. This has been made into a lot more than it is."

I for one am very disappointed if this true, this means I will have to wait a little longer for my Nokia Pure View Windows Phone.

Author: Kevin Everett

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