MultiPicture- Live Wallpaper- Android App

If you really into the whole screen customization and wallpaper variation, this application is definitely for you.

If you are an Android user who loves downloading wallpapers and testing out the best look for your phone,  Multipicture live wallpaper is for you. If you are a user who just switched from Symbian ^3, this application is for you as well.

What Multipicture live wallpaper does is actually pretty good. It allows the user to define individual wallpapers for each of the home screens he or she is currently using. This feature is seen in Symbian^3 phones, where the home screens can be customized with individual wallpapers, but since this feature is lacking in android by default, it is very useful.

The only essential requirement for this application to work is for the current android phone you are using to support live wallpapers.If you are not familliar in how to check if your phone supports live wallpapers, it is very simple. All you have to do is to hold down on a free space on your home screen till a menu appears, it should look like this.

If you choose the wallpaper option from the following, you should be able to see the live wallpaper option in the menu, as shown below.

If you can see the live wallpaper option, you are set to go. Then all you have to do is download the application from the play store for free, and start customizing your home screen.

This application has many settings that you can choose from, including individual home screen customization, the  ability to use multiple wallpapers per screen, changing them with a click on the home screen and many more. It can be customized in any way the user sees fit.

To download this application from the play store, click here
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