May be real deal: new iphone 5 video emerges and more!

xs09 02 12 05 32g1020 gallery post1 May be real deal: new iphone 5 video emerges and more!

As Apple Special event is approaching near, more and more rumors, mock ups, leaks are appearing over the internet. The recent one allegedly covers a video featuring iPhone 5, comparing it with old gen phones.

So it might come out as a real deal. This one makes it for sure that it will support new 19 pin charging port rather than 30 pin one (as per comparison).

Adding to leaks, iPhone 5 mock up recently emerged at IFA 2012, organised by some company which was sure enough of the dimensions at-least, to start up their accessories production.

To add up further, white iPhone 5 was leaked over by Taiwanese pop star Jimmy Lin almost at similar time.

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These all may be unofficial leaks or deliberate official leaks to create enough hype about the products before the debut of new iPhone at a special event on Sept 12, 2012, while release date to be 9 days later on, Sept 21, 2012 as per iMore. So hold up tight, as Sept 12 is on the edge!

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