Sneak Peek of RIM’s New MeeGo err..I Mean BB10 Phone

I just got done watching a video of RIM's BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek and let me tell you not only have I already saw this OS before but I used it! That's right it's called MeeGo and it ran on a Nokia N9.

From the buttonless front, to the "active frame" homescreen, to the way you get rid of running app by swiping up, even down to the way you set the alarm!

You get the point I could go on and on telling why BlackBerry 10 is MeeGo Canada or I can just show you the two videos and you can decide for yourselves.

First the BlackBerry 10 video:

Now the MeeGo video:

Am I the only one who sees it here? Yeah I didn't think so, everyone sees it and once Nokia sees it I smell a lawsuit brewing. You see even though Nokia no longer plans on using MeeGo in anymore of their phones they do plan on using parts of the interface again and have patents on it. If they decide to act on them in this case is yet to be seen.

Author: Kevin Everett

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