Jolla Mobile’s MeeGo Powered Phone to be Launched Next Month

According to a post by the Wall Street Journal Jolla will launch it's first smart phone next month. All we really know about this phone at this point is that it will be a MeeGo based smart phone running an OS codenamed "Sailfish". Everything else is still in the dark.

Don't know much about Jolla? Here is a quick primer on the company. Jolla is a company started by a couple of ex-Nokia employees Marc Dillon and Jussi Hurmola. With a goal of taking Nokia's abandoned open source MeeGo operating system and give it new life.

Jolla's is working on making their new OS a complete eco-system and already has stated that "Sailfish", will be ready for licensing by other device manufacturers, design houses and service companies in spring 2013." Also Jolla has a deal in place with China's largest mobile phone retailer to sell their devices when they launch.

While Jolla has seems to be doing the right things to set themselves up for success in the mobile marketplace the spot for the 4th mobile OS is filled with lots of open source projects like Jolla. Personally I believe that Jolla has done things the right way as far as partnerships and strategy. I feel that Jolla find success even if only in a niche way and wish them Onnea!

Author: Kevin Everett

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