According to Nokia “Symbian is in maintenance mode” Last Update Ever to be FP2?

Nokia has released a statement Via their Nokia Developers site in a section for bugs that pretty much states that after you download Symbian Belle update Feature Pack 2 that there will be no more updates and that "Symbian is in maintenance mode".

After a developer gave a suggestion for improvement on what I think is Nokia Drive. Nokia answered with this statement:

This reads to me that it's game set and match for Symbian there will be no more updates for and it will just be "Bug Fixes" done by Accenture till the support period expires. This only makes sense since FP2 is just really Symbian Donna renamed. Symbian Donna was the last update that Nokia stated was coming for Symbian and it was always assumed to be the end of the line for Symbian.

I wish there was a different way to read this statement but there is not. If you would like to read the whole conversion you can read it here.

Author: Kevin Everett

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