$99 Nexus Tablet Coming to U.S. 4Q 2012

According to Digi Times (Google) "will unveil a Nexus tablet model for US$99 later in the fourth quarter of 2012". This would be just in time for the holiday season which would mean that there would a lot of Google tablets under the Christmas tree this season.

However before you get to excited, clearly something has to give to make a $99 tablet right?

Here is what you can expect for your 99 dollars: It is rumored to be a 7 inch tablet with a PRIZM WM8950 chip which feature an 800 MHz Cortex-A9 CPU and a Mali-400 GPU. Now this is not exactly blazing speeds but for the price point you don't really expect that now do you?

Richard Shim (analyst at NPD DisplaySearch) has confirmed that this device is coming. A DisplaySearch analyst did predict the New Kindle Fire coming out months ahead of it's release and I fully expect them to be right on this matter also.

While this device is not aimed at tech savvy folks like me and you it is aimed at your children and your parents. This seems like a good investment to give to your ten year old because you know it will be broken and you don't want to drop too much money on it. It will also give some stiff competition to the Kindle Fire and even the new Kindle paperwhite. Why spend $119 on an e-reader if you can have a real seven inch tablet for twenty dollars less?

I foresee me buying at least one if not two of these devices in the next three months for family and friends. Would anyone else dive in on this device?


Author: Kevin Everett

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