Keep Monday October 29th Open… Windows Phone 8 Event and Now Google Event Too!

I am unsure what everyone has planned for Monday October 29th but I will be in front of my computer drinking directly out of my pot of coffee trying to keep and report the days news. We all knew that October 29th is the day that Windows Phone 8 will finally be uncovered and now it seems that Google is also holding their own presser on the same day!

Google's event which is widely rumored to be either a Android 4.2 event or a new device. The folks at The Verge seem to think that it may have something to do with Google's  "expanded, multi-manufacturer Nexus program." This Google event is scheduled for 10 am EST with the event taking place in in New York City.

The Windows Phone 8 event will also take place on October 29th at 10am... However this event will be in San Francisco so it will be Pacific time and three hours later than the Google event.(so 1pm EST) While there is some mystery left on what is going to happen at the Google event there is no such mystery surrounding the Windows Phone 8 event.

They are going to finally show us Windows Phone 8...all of it!  Up until this point there has been heavy restrictions on how much OEM's could show the press of their phones. In fact at the Nokia NYC event where Nokia launched the Lumia 920 and 820 I had to beg to even hold the device and when I did get to hold the device it HAD TO be in a locked state. This locked state was even further protected by a passcode on each device.

Even though I have really have no idea what Google's presser will be about I am looking forward to the Microsoft event more so. I have a feeling that Microsoft has been hiding some pretty good features from me that are baked into Windows Phone 8 and I can't wait to see them!


Author: Kevin Everett

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