Wait… Symbian is Not Dead Yet?

It seems that my earlier report of the demise of Symbian may have been premature. Now I found out that Nokia's earlier statement was just poorly worded.  One of our many awesome forum readers named Tester dug a little bit deeper and found another bug report where Nokia back tracked on it's original statement.


Here is the original statement from Nokia:

The above statement screams that Nokia has officially killed Symbian and they are done with it. Symbian is in maintenance mode and that no new features will be implemented. Which makes these next statement by Nokia befuddling but welcome from "Bug 1038's" report.

The first statements from this report seems to very much match the original statement above that Symbian is dead.

But than they amend this after they close the report to clarify Symbian's fate and indeed tell us that Symbian is not dead yet.

So there you have it! Symbian is not dead and the Nokia Pure View 808 will indeed see new features! Again thanks to the great users in our forum for being passionate about their phones and digging deeper. If you haven't checked out the forums yet you should it is great source for information on any OS or mobile device.

Author: Kevin Everett

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