New Nokia Exclusive Draw Something Now Available

Nokia's list of exclusive Windows Phone apps keeps getting bigger and bigger. This time it is the popular game Draw Something coming to the Lumia devices. This will join a long list of Nokia exclusives including: ESPN Hub, Weather Channel, PGA Tour, Groupon, AOL Entertainment Hub, Viber, etc...

For those of you not familiar with Draw Something it's like a game of Win, lose, or draw for your phone.

Words with Friends is also slated to come to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone as an exclusive and since it is made by the same company I expect to see it very shortly. Also expected to make a Nokia Lumia exclusive list soon are: Angry Birds Roost, Bloomberg, StyleSaint, YouSendIt, Michelin restaurant guide, a Batman themed foursquare app, well you get point.

While the Windows Phone Marketplace only has 125,000 apps Nokia is trying to make sure they have the right ones and it's Windows Phone competition does not.

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Author: Kevin Everett

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