Nokia Lumia 920 Price Officially Confirmed $149.99 at Best Buy

There has been all types of rumors swirling around about the release date and the contract and off contract price. Now we can at least confirm the prices. This above shot taken at a Best Buy confirms that the Nokia Lumia 920 will be $149.99 on contract and $599.99 off contract.

If you are wondering if the QR scans on this picture it does but it sadly goes nowhere. There is a rumored launch date of this Friday November 9th which strikes me as odd being that AT&T normally launches on Sundays.

With the Samsung Ativ being $649.99 and the HTC Window Phone 8X at $629.99 the Nokia Lumia being $599.99 is the deal of the pack with the OIS camera and the 32Gb of memory. Anyone lining up to buy at this price?


Author: Kevin Everett

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