Nokia “Here” is Here (Read on I Promise it Makes Sense)

One of Nokia's strong suites has always been navigation services, they have always trying to push the envelope beyond traditional mapping with apps like Nokia transit and City View. Now there is Nokia Here. Nokia describes it like this.

HERE, the world’s first location cloud that delivers a location platform, location content and location apps across any screen and any operating system.

The first step in this process is an app called "Live Sight" and it will first available on Nokia Lumia devices and than will slowly spread to iOS and Android devices. While this technology is still in it's infancy it's still quite impressive with features like.

  • 3D sight interface: buildings are detected by our collection technologies with high accuracy and feeling of depth
  • Line of sight: with the line of sight view, only POIs in sight are displayed
  • Freeze frame: save a live view to inspect the city without having to hold the camera pointed at the target
  • Building directory: click on a building to see what is inside

Want to see what that means in action? Check out this video.

This is great for people in a new city or even their own hometown. I can see a future where this will be combined with a wearable devices and everyone will have their own virtual world of unlimited information about their surroundings.


Author: Kevin Everett

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