Hike, the new instant messenger in town

Want to have free messaging for life? Get Hike. This is WhatsApp like app but with a lifetime free messaging opportunity.

Hike is a new Instant messenger launched by Indian Developers. It is easy, sleek and has an elegant interface. Whats more its free for life.The other great advantage is you can send 100 SMS's to non Hike users, who can read the messages in the native SMS inbox.

The developers are very positive to the reception this will receive as the competition in the IM place is getting rather crowded with FB also launching its own IM. What makes Hike different, here's what the developers had to say. They are building features like video chat, voice chat and what not, which the Indian infrastructure does not support. Also, somewhere the customer requires an app which is simple and enables him to do what he intends to, rather than building features which are seldom used.

Hike runs on 2G, 3G and wi-fi (when available) for connectivity.

Hike has tried to cash in on the fact that Indians are SMS crazy people and therefore  the Hike  app  allows  global users to send Hike2SMS and Indian users to reply with SMS2 Hike. The first option is free for Hike users, and the latter response costs only the same as a regular SMS. This way friends and relatives living outside India can stay connected. It doesn't require any username, pin or password.

Hike is currently available for IOS, Android and Windows users. Nokia users may have to wait for little while before the developers release Symbian version.

As per the head of product and strategy for BSB, Kavin Bharti Mittal:

People use messaging in various forms; they use it via different apps and modes for different purposes. What we're trying to provide via Hike is a single application to connect with everyone via messaging. We believe that streamlining this will greatly improve the connectivity of Indians.

The developers have promised a spam free app but how they are going to make money is anybodies guess. But the app is worth giving once-over.

Kindly download the app for your phone from here and post your comments.

Author: Vijay Prabhu

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