Kernel Tuner for HTC Phones (Android)

Kernel Tuner Root

This is a utility for HTC Phones with Android. This utility runs especially well with multi-core processor phones.

Check the times in state for the processor, set governors for the speeds

The Phone has to be rooted in order to run this utility. This utility allows you to underclock/overclock and undervolt/overvolt your CPU and GPU. Almost all Android phones are set to run at fixed kernel speeds. This is done to avoid instability and overheating. But in reality, in multi core phones, the  default kernels use only one CPU and other CPUs are used only when needed. This creates a situation where you have multiple cores but the phone by default uses only one core. In order to maximize the use of all cores this utility is especially used. It can also individually increase CPU speed and voltage.

Tweak the processor settings to overclock or underclock it

User can create individual profiles and make the processors operate with schedules. Other features included in the app are:

  1. Changing Capacitive button's backlights
  2. Fastcharge
  3. Vsync for display panel.
  4. Color dept
  5. I/O scheduler
  6. Notification LED timeout.
  7. Sweep2 Wake and enable swap.

You can also tweak the cache size for the SD card.

A widget within the app with give you real-time present state of the processor, battery and other information.

Check the times in state for the processor, set governors for the speeds

There is reset menu in options windows in case you make some error in speeds or voltages. The widget also allows you to save battery power by giving interval option according to your preference. There is separate options to show the processor speeds in the notification bar but it is not recommended as it drains the battery very fast. The temp can be set in Celsius or Fahrenheit with regards to whether you follow Queens English or American one.

Create profiles, tweak the display settings and add a widget

This utility runs on Android phones made by HTC so don't try to cook you phone which is otherwise. The Google Play lists HTC EVO 3D GSM/CDMA as a compatible phone for this app.  Please note that your phones have to be rooted and only multi-core processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 and S4 are suitable for this utility. If you phone behaves erratically after installing it, kindly uninstall the app and restart the phone.

A complete back up of the phone is COMPULSORY before your install this app. Before trying out kindly refer to Developers Website properly.

You should not do this if you are not comfortable with rooting your phone. Any damage to your phone will be your sole responlibility.  This review is for educational purpose.

If you are really serious get the app here.  After installing it if you have any issues kindly inform here

Author: Vijay Prabhu

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